Let’s have fun!

I am so beyond thrilled that you are interested in working with me! So thank you for taking the time to check out my work and come to this page to chat more about your big day.
Sooo let’s do it! Here is what you can expect from me - I am going to be with you every. single. step. of the way. From the moment you inquire, to our first coffee or beer date, to your engagement session and everything leading up to the big day, I will be there for you. Just a phone call away! I’ve been to my fair share of weddings and planned my own, so I know how the process works, and know what doesn’t work. So I am here to give you the best advice I can, while becoming friends with you + making this the best experience it can be.

I believe in getting to know you guys as a couple so that I can fully capture your true selves through these portraits.. I’m not going to be staging you, making you do stiff poses, or making you look awkward. I believe in creating movements to capture the raw emotion of you two during that moment. My goal is to create lasting memories for you to look back on and remember those feelings you had at that moment. Taking photos doesn’t have to be painful. It can be so much fun!! + that is what I strive for!

I’m not here to talk to you once upon inquiry, send the contract, collect your money, and see you on the wedding day. NOPEEE. Not happening. I’m here to be your friend + help you plan the best day of your life. If you’re ready to drink some IPA’s, coffee, adventure, and laugh…a lot, then let’s get to chatting! I am SO excited to get to know you guys!! <3

Weddings + Elopements  Pricing begins at $4000

Weddings + Elopements
Pricing begins at $4000

coverage ranges from 4-10 hours | online viewing gallery | back up USB | images range from 250-900 delivered | elopements start at $1,800

Couples/Engagements  begins at   $350

begins at $350

1 hour of coverage | 35+ edited images | online viewing gallery | lots of PDA and giggles | adventure session optional

Film  begins at $1800

begins at $1800

coverage ranges from 6-10 hours | two videographers | back up USB | optional mini love story video | optional raw footage included