ready to improve yourself + your business?

First off - what the heck?! I am overwhelmed with joy that you want to learn from me!! So thank you for being here!
Second - You are going to better not only your business, but yourself as well. This isn’t just a typical mentor session. Yes, we will go over what you want to improve on.
I’ve learned a lot about life/work balance and I’m ready to help you improve on that.
Struggling with your mental health because of what our industry wants us to be? I gotchu.

You will walk away feeling motivated + ready to better your business so you can serve your clients with ALL OF YOUR HEART!

So, how much dough we talkin’?

I got some options for ya! 

Skype call

This is a one on one Skype call between me and you basically led by YOU!
You can ask me whatever your heart desires + I will answer them the best that I can!

  • $200

  • + 2 hours

  • Lightroom tricks

  • Organization + workflow

  • Getting your name out

  • Contracts

  • Gear

  • whatever else you want to improve on! :)

Photoshoot + Q&A

Eeeek! My fave!! I truly believe in hands on learning + this is why these are my favorite! We will first meet for coffee or beer (whatever ya like better) and talk about allll the things! As with the Skype call - you can ask me all the questions you want! After our 1ish hour meeting, we will go out for a shoot that will last about an hour as well! Want to have a cute little editing date after? Lezzz do it! I’m so down!

  • $450

  • up to 4 hours

  • Lightroom tricks

  • Real life photoshoot

  • Contracts

  • Gear

  • etc.

wherever you are right now, let it teach you something. BE KIND TO YOURSELF on the journey and in the process of who you are becoming.
— mhn