Nelson Ledges Fall Engagement Session

Guyssss! Tori and Greg are seriously the cutest humans ever. Tori is so smiley + happy, and so is Greg, which makes sense why they’re so perfect for each other! They are just one of those couples that is so happy and you can tell that they are really in love, ya know?! Ugh! I love these two! Haha! Their engagement session was seriously one of my favorites of 2018 and I wish we all lived closer so we could hang out and I could try Greg’s famous garlic bread! :)

Tori and Greg have been dating since the 11th grade when Tori asked Greg to her junior prom in high school. They love traveling together and are obsessed with tacos, (which is another reason I love them), and they also love going to Nashville, just like me and Jesse do! These two just remind me so much of me and Jesse and I think that’s why we clicked so easily! I am so beyond excited for their wedding in PA next year!! It’s going to be amazing! <3

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