Year in Review - 2018

Wow. What an amazing year 2018 was! I learned so many new things about my business, about myself, about life, and so much more! So grateful for everything and everyone 2018 brought me, but am so excited to see what 2019 has in store!

I decided to reflect on this past year and share some of my favorite moments from the weddings + sessions that I had! It’s going to be super long so be ready for that! Haha! :) enjoy + HAPPY NEW YEAR!! <3

annnnd that’s a wrap on 2018! <3 wow! sooo many incredible memories and moments captured this year! I wish I could include them ALL!! But that would be ten times longer than this blog post, haha! Thank you again SO much for the support and love! it means the world to me. I’m ready for ya 2019!